Video Stories

The videos below are stories I personally created either through a class project, or my general interest.

Downtown Madison Concert Venues:

Is there ever tension between downtown Madison concert venues? Are they in competition? The video below shows the relationship between the student organization, Wisconsin Union Directorate Music, and the co-owners of The Majestic Theater, Scott Leslie and Matt Gerding.

Farmers’ Market:

This story is part of a larger website project called The Capitol is Calling. The website focuses on student involvement in the downtown Madison Capitol area and the Farmers’ Market is a significant part of the capitol environment.

Volunteer Barista Aleesha:

The barista Aleesha Halbach volunteers for free at a coffee shop called Redamte, and the video below is a short story of why she chose to be a part of this nonprofit organization.

“Random Samples”:

I decided to compile all of my random video clips from when I first got my camera in 2007 to the summer of 2012 and make a music video to the song “Shake it Out” by Florence and the Machine. It features all the important people in my life and the places I had the opportunity to visit.


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