The Daily Cardinal

City News

5/3/2013  Three-year Mifflin Street Block Party review finds binge drinking costs city thousands in policing      and public health

4/18/2013  Stella’s Bakery, local farmers and vendors look forward to Farmer’s Market

4/12/2013  MPD to employ new Mifflin policing plan

3/13/2013  Police report woman sexually assaulted on Mifflin Street 

3/8/2013   Three companies present design proposals for 800 block of East Washington Avenue

3/1/2013    Drunk man crashes stolen car into Capitol Square statue

2/20/2013    Robbers targeting college-age victims

2/15/2013    MPD presents initial Mifflin policing plan

2/13/2013    Red panda at Henry Vilas Zoo dies from health issues

2/6/2013    Thief on W. Gilman St. takes women’s backpack, wallet

Arts Section 


5/2/12   Secret Life, Secret Death’ goes public

WUD Columnist  rhymes with Fergie 

5/9/12   A coup de art by UW students across campus

4/25/12   Society and Politics spurs discussion between Badgers

3/21/12   Splendid silver screen: the magic Marquee

3/7/12   Setting the stage for your enjoyment

2/22/12   Pipe-smoking fish and threadbare art: galleries worth viewing

2/8/12   WUD’s free show February


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