Corporate job calls for closet space

When I first moved onto the boat, I did everything I could to keep all my possessions. For the most part, I succeeded.

I moved to Seattle only a year before and hadn’t collected too many items that could overwhelm a tiny living space.

Oswin has storage underneath all the berth cushions (my built-in sofas) and these storage spaces became my dresser, bookshelves and closet.

I had storage, but I also had nice clothing that I needed to hang. I currently work as a digital communications assistant at an insurance consulting company and have to wear business outfits Mondays through Thursdays.

Without a closet, my dresses were wrinkled and I didn’t have room for an ironing board. 

My first idea was to hire a marine carpenter to build a closet out of a shelf that already existed near the V-berth (sleeping area). When he quoted me $4000, to simply put four planks of wood around a small storage area, I threw that idea away. A small closet would cost more than half the cost of the entire boat. 

Right before my birthday in 2016, I received a text message from my boyfriend apologizing for ruining the surprise, but asking permission to tear up part of my boat interior to build me a closet as a birthday gift.

Incredibly relieved and excited, I texted back, “Yes, please!”

Paul and Rory got to work on my closet and soon enough, I was able to hang dresses and nice work tops up in Oswin. 

The closet is the smallest closet I have ever used. It is about four-feet tall and two-feet wide, without a door that opens or closes. The door is a long oval on the front panel of wood. I squeeze my fitted dresses through the opening and when I want to wear my poppied-collar shirt, I have to move other shirts aside to find it.

It is small, but mighty. The reason the closet does not have a door is so when the boat heels when sailing, my clothes don’t shoot off their hangers. The closet is functional for sailing and functional for my lifestyle.


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