Random Samples

The purchase of a digital camera inspires your photography “eye” and trust in that each picture or video taken on this premium edition, up-to-date, popular device will capture every important moment with ease and clarity.

The reality of this trust is yes, 95 percent of the time the camera will capture those moments. But when you upload the first roll of pictures or videos onto your hardware, that extra five percent also appears, usually as blurry pictures, accidental candids of crazy relatives, or a video that was supposed to be a picture.

Even though smart phones have currently taken over the role of a digital camera, random pictures or videos will still sneak through.

Below is a music video to the song “Shake it Out” by Florence and the Machine that is a compilement of every video I captured on my digital camera, whether it was on purpose, or by accident. It includes clips of New York City, the mountains of Colorado, protests at the Wisconsin State Capitol, but also friendly smirks, clumsy mistakes and random memories.

The last scene is a reference to the end of Robyn’s energetic music video, “Call Your Girlfriend”


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