“Jo,” the coffee

-Erin Berge

Ever take notice that a coffee addiction actually is a longterm relationship? That is, if you like this highly-caffeinated, and sugar-jacked drink. The liquid that goes in and out of your body (sorry, but it’s true) ends up as a guiding relationship, supporting and encouraging you throughout each day.

This relationship begins in the morning. Some days, there is absolutely no motivation to leave a cozy little bundle of blankets to a below-freezing apartment (keep the rent down to afford coffee) when that alarm clock goes off, except for the simple thought of a sweet warmth you could soon hold in your hands. You picture yourself sipping your hand-painted mug while gazing out your window at a beautiful sunrise, slowly creeping over the grey-industrial buildings. This idea of a relaxing morning is what gets you out of bed.

But the actual reality of the morning is a panic, scrambling you, sprinting back and forth between the bathroom and bedroom because even though the thought of coffee got you up, it was after five times of hitting the snooze button.

Still, you manage to pour 12 oz of coffee in a travel mug (wondrous creations) and run out the door. You know that without that cup, your mind has no chance at fighting the cloud of sleep over your head.

So, we’ve seen coffee as your motivation to be a better you. But how else does coffee contribute to this on-going relationship? Well, need motivation to study, or encouragement to complete an assignment? Treat. Yo’. Self. with a hazelnut white mocha. Add the whip cream–go for it, splurge. It sits next to your computer silently, but it doesn’t have to say anything for you to know it’s there to help you crank out those last 250 words.

With every sip, you feel more and more accomplished. The caffeine is probably racing through your veins at this point and you feel invincible, but where would you get this burst of energy, if not from that compostable cup?

By now, you’re comparing your dependence on coffee to your current boy/girlfriend and realizing it’s the best relationship you’ve ever had. Not only does it motivate and support you, but it also strengthens other relationships in your life. Where do you go to meet up with a high school friend you haven’t seen in three and a half years? Coffee.

It’s a bonding experience for both of you. The coffee environment calms your nerves, because coffee has been there with you every day, never letting you down. And let’s be honest, after three and a half years, there will be awkward silence of not knowing what to say. But then something magical happens and you realize you can take a sip every time the conversation pauses. It’s therefore considered natural silence and in no time, your friend and yourself are best friends once again.

Keeping up with relationships? Done. Start a relationship? Why not? You just made eye contact with that cute boy or girl on the jam-packed 80 bus, heading down University Ave…can you say, coffee?

For all you coffee drinkers out there, let’s take a moment to say thank you to “Jo,” because we all know that without him it (let’s not personify something we drink), we may still be stuck in that warm pile of blankets.

This blog will continue to look at small details, to inspire others to notice and place value in the details of everyday life.


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