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The ‘lil bit is a collection of photography, writing and travel adventures. The author, Erin, chose to live on a sailboat in Seattle, WA, without any prior knowledge of sailing. Read below on how she juggles a corporate appearance and an adventurous marina lifestyle.

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Maybe it was the magical books I read as a child that made me the travel-loving person I am today (i.e. Harry Potter, The Golden Compass, or The Thief Lord). Or, it could be the countless imaginary adventures I sought out in the woods with my childhood best friends (typical “stranded-on-an-island” scenario with witches and magical beasts). Or, it could just be my plain curiosity for new environments.

Regardless, I enjoy sharing my travel stories and tips to those who need some encouragement, or advice. Read about my life on a sailboat, general travel tips, or check out my photography blog of Rome, Italy.


About the Author

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Erin Berge graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Journalism from the School of Journalism and Mass Communications and International Studies with an emphasis on Culture in the Age of Globalization.

Eager to find her next story, she thrives in all forms of communication, including researching, interviewing, writing, blogging, editing and publishing.

Beyond the professional environment, she feeds her coffee addiction at local coffee shops, loves to discover new travel destinations through the lens of her camera and attends live performances of her favorite musicians.

While providing a full, professional portfolio for Erin, the actual content on this blog also focuses on her travel adventures and important life stories of the people Erin meets along the way.

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